Best funny Zoom background trick: Put yourself in a looping video so you can skip the meeting

We’ve all been in Zoom video conference meetings that drag on longer than a bad movie. Unfortunately your boss insists upon seeing your face among the dozens of other co-workers carefully listening to updates on the TPS reports.

Suffer no more, office drone! Use this sure-fire method to get out of boring meetings by feeding Zoom pre-recorded video of yourself instead.

Perhaps you’ve seen this method in movies, where the hero defeats the terrorist by inserting a fake video feed into the surveillance system, fooling the guards while the prisoners are freed.

For this trick, you’ll need nothing more than the webcam-equipped PC you already use for Zoom video. However, it needs to be a modern laptop made for working from home, with a CPU with a minimum of 8 threads to play back the video background. Pretty much any Intel 7th-gen or equivalent Kaby Lake R laptop will do it, as well as older quad-core computers. Basically if your computer can’t meet the Zoom virtual background requirements, it won’t work for this trick. (Don’t despair! We have other funny Zoom background tips you can try.)

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