Become an IT hero in PC Building Simulator’s new esports expansion

Well, here’s something we never expected to see. PC Building Simulator, the PC video game about building PCs, is getting an esports expansion today, the just-as-straightforwardly-dubbed “Esports Expansion.� But because this is PC Building Simulator rather than a game about scoring goals or shooting people, this esports expansion puts its own unique spin on things: You don’t actually play against other people.

Instead, PC Building Simulator: Esports Expansion puts you in the shoes of an IT manager for an esports team. You’ll need to get your team’s rigs into tip-top game shape, fix technical issues that arise in the heat of battle, and outfit your players’ PCs with the right gear to keep your sponsors happy—all while staying within your esports organization’s budget. Between events, you’ll need to wrangle requests from sponsors and managers, keep an eye out for special requests from players, and even earn some extra scratch by doing side gigs.

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