Ampere’s coming: Nvidia CEO pulls ‘world’s largest graphics card’ out of an oven before GTC keynote

Nvidia’s off-again, on-again virtual GTC 2020 keynote is hitting YouTube this Thursday, and to whip up some excitement, CEO Jensen Huang decided to cook up the ‘world’s largest graphics card’ in his kitchen on an unlisted video on the company’s channel.

While baking graphics cards in the oven is indeed a way to potentially save your dying hardware, Huang’s GPU is an appetizing tease for Nvidia’s next-gen “Ampere� graphics architecture, which is expected to be announced during the event. We expected the reveal to manifest in the form of a massive data center GPU, and Huang’s extra-large serving indeed looks like the “DGX A100.� DGX is the brand for Nvidia’s Tesla-loaded graphics workstations, and Nvidia recently filed a trademark for “DGX A100.�

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