AMD pivots: B450, X470 motherboards will support Ryzen 4000 after all

Surprise! A mere week after announcing that its B450 and X470 motherboards won’t support future generations of Ryzen processors, AMD has had a change of heart regarding socket AM4 compatibility. Huzzah! Next-gen Ryzen processors will now support both 400-series and 500-series AM4 motherboards, though there are many caveats involved.

“Over the past week, we closely reviewed your feedback on that news: we watched every video, read every comment and saw every Tweet,� AMD said in a release, via Anandtech. “We hear that many of you hoped a longer upgrade path. We hear your hope that AMD B450 and X470 chipsets would carry you into the ‘Zen 3’ era…As the team weighed your feedback against the technical challenges we face, we decided to change course.�

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