Amazon just made it easier for folks stuck at home to watch movies with friends

twitch watch parties

Loads of people are spending time watching movies and TV shows on streaming services these days, as they’re stuck at home due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

There are many unofficial ways for homebound Netflix users to watch content with family and friends remotely through services like Netflix Party. Now Amazon Prime Video is getting in on the act.

Amazon, working with its Twitch subsidiary, is expanding a new feature called Watch Parties to more creators, so they can stream, watch, and share Prime Video content with others online.

What are Twitch Watch Parties?

Watch Parties allows Twitch creators to stream a selection of Amazon Prime Video movies and TV shows on their channel, and anyone with an Amazon Prime account can join in and watch alongside them. This feature has been in closed beta testing with a small number of Twitch creators since October.

However, due to the current coronavirus outbreak, Twitch announced today that they are expanding this beta test to Twitch Partners in the US with an Amazon Prime membership.

Not a Twitch Partner? Well, there’s some good news here too. In the coming weeks, Watch Parties will become available to all Twitch creators in the US, again if they have an active Prime membership. In the coming months, this feature will likely expand to Twitch creators in other international markets.

People who join one of these Watch Parties will likely see the Twitch creator reacting to the movie or TV show, much like Mystery Science Theater 3000. The selection of Amazon Prime Video movies and TV series that support Twitch Watch Parties is pretty slim at the moment. However, it does include a number of shows and films that will be prime fodder for online riffing. They include the original Star Trek series, along with Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

There’s a couple of Marvel Cinematic Universe movies on the list too, like The Avengers and Captain America: The First Avenger. Hey, even Baywatch is on the list. Of course, Twitch creators can pick from several Amazon Prime Video original TV shows and movies, including The Boys, The Expanse and more.  The entire Amazon Prime Video catalog will be added later this year.

Will you be joining, or even launching your own, Twitch Watch Party? If you do, make sure you sign up first for Amazon Prime Video.

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