5 Best Antiviruses With Keylogger Protection

Improving spyware protection is very important. Now the best antiviruses can detect and block the activity of all types of keyloggers.

Malicious Software with Keylogger Protection

According to numerous studies, viruses, Trojan horses, spyware, and other malicious software are the most widespread and most damaging information threats today. Antiviruses are used to protect against it. Moreover, every computer should be equipped with this security tool, regardless of whether it is connected to the Internet or not.

However, it should be noted that the creators of malicious software are constantly improving their skills, thinking of new ways to harm computers and their owners. Fortunately, the developers of protective equipment are not sleeping either. In fact, today one can observe a very real arms race, in which opponents (hackers and other malicious intent, on the one hand, and information security experts, on the other) are constantly increasing the “power” of their “weapons”.

Malicious software with keylogger protection is a comprehensive protection system against all types of malicious software. It works constantly, checking all the files accessed by the operating system in real-time. Comprehensive protection is provided by four modules that are part of the product in question. These are file antivirus (checks all opened, launched, and saved files), mail antivirus (monitors all incoming and outgoing messages), web antivirus, and proactive protection (ensures detection of unknown viruses).

The likelihood of viruses entering the first route can be greatly reduced if you develop and maintain correct procedures for acquiring, installing, and monitoring software changes. The acceptance procedure must be sufficiently long and comprehensive and must include special operations to provoke known viruses. Take a look at how to detect keylogger below.

However, there is one drawback here. The fact is that the product in question can even respond to completely “law-abiding” programs, for example, ICQ. The fact is that some utilities support hotkeys, which are used to call some functions from any program. This is done by intercepting all pressed buttons (that is, in fact, we are talking about a keylogger) in the search for control combinations. In principle, this is not scary, since such applications in which the user is confident can be added to the list of trusted ones.

The Best Antiviruses with Keylogger Protection

Check the top 5 best antiviruses with keylogger protection:

  • Panda

Easy antivirus with game mode and cloud malware protection with keylogger protection.

  • Bitdefender

It is simply a notification informing you that the files detected by Bitdefender are protected by a password or some other type of encryption.

  • Avast Ultimate Antivirus

The anti-virus constantly analyzes the behavior of all processes running on the computer and detects their potentially dangerous actions, for example, hidden application installation, self-copying, attempts to change the startup list, attempts to inject into other processes, etc.

  • AVG Antivirus

Another important novelty of the latest version of the product in question is an enhanced detection system for all types of rootkits. These utilities pose a serious threat because they are capable of disguising their presence and performing malicious actions.

  • Kaspersky Internet Security

The third major innovation in the latest version of Kaspersky Anti-Virus is improved protection against keyloggers. This is also important because this type of malicious software poses a particular danger to users. Thanks to them, attackers can learn the passwords of people from various services, thus gaining unauthorized access to them. It can end very badly: the loss of money from the account of the provider, mobile operator, Internet bank, etc.

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